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                         Who we are

            EWAN GROUP was founded in 2003 to deliver the best engineering services to our clients.

            Our focus that to design and build the life more comfortable and sophisticate that’s depended on our architectural on our team of engineers, their experience and architectural designs to deliver the designs for our projects.

            Our prove experience allows us to provide our clients the best services in architecture design, Structure, Interior design, M.E.P. , Landscape and supervision .



Vision and Missions

            EWAN GROUP aim to be as a leading company in engineering, consultants and developing throughout the Middle East, Arabian Gulf regions and Africa.

            Make the design more harmony and comfortable by follow the special cooperation between our divisions.


Our Team

            Our team of dedicated professionals engineers in all divisions.

            At all-times the coordination and special cooperation practiced all the time on the projects between all divisions by our team to provide our clients the best quality in all projects.